Form creation tool Report creation tool Create! Formand is

In form design of system development, it is a form creation tool that designs forms in a quick and easy manner and outputs in various formats (PDF output Excel output ) according to the requirements of operation business.

For every form

  • Expressive forms using tabulations, images and graphs
  • Forms that allow on-demand printing and batch mass printing
  • Forms capable of high-speed processing and lightweight output

In various environments

  • Multi platform correspondence
  • Supports a wide variety of programming languages
  • Extensibility that can build a form output environment

Report creation tool Create! FormBasic functions of form creation tool


Design a form

Design a form

A dedicated GUI application that can minimize coding work during form development provides the functions required for form creation.


Linking forms and data

Linking forms and data

Text files, CSV files, XML files, and databases can be used as input data for forms.


Output to various forms of forms

Output in various formats

Print forms in PDF, Excel, and perform large-scale and high-speed printing with various printers.

Report creation tool Create! FormFour things you can do with a form creation tool

Significantly reduce the number of form design steps in simple steps

Report design does not require any programming expertise. In the Excel for form design, the necessary functions are simply arranged in an easy-to-understand manner, and creation is completed simply by arranging items with the mouse. You can easily check the completion in the preview.

Significantly reduce the number of form design steps in simple steps

Designing expressive forms as you see them

Graphs, charts, barcodes, images, schedules, and schedules can also be laid out by dragging and dropping with mouse operations, and you can set the properties to design the desired form as an image.
Complex forms such as compound forms, precise alignment of 0.01 mm units, aggregation, calculation, processing, and editing are also free.
We will deliver a rich sample of forms.